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Where To Buy Lost Coast Beer [NEW]

Pound and Groom developed the idea in 1986 and spent three years on research and development including visits to English and Welsh pubs, home experimentation and refining their techniques.[4] In 1989, they bought the Fraternal Order of the Knights of Pythias Pythian Castle and opened the brewery and pub there in 1990.[4] The brewery outgrew the original location and moved to a larger building in Eureka in 1994,[5] where by 2011, they produced 60,000 barrels of beer,[6] making it the 46th largest brewery in the U.S. despite distribution in only 19 states at the time.[7][8]

where to buy lost coast beer

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We love all styles of beer, but it's our appreciation of lagers and of traditional European brewing methods that make us unique. Our signature Pilsner Soquel captures the magic we found in beer halls in Central Europe, where fresh and unpasteurized lagers flowed straight from tanks to steins. But the techniques used to achieve the precision needed to make a great lager can also be applied with other styles--IPAs, Stouts, Hefeweizens--to create beers that are exceptional, exciting, and always fresh.

This is the best fresh brewed beer on the west coast. You can't go wrong. The Kraken stout is fit for the gods, perhaps those on Mt Olympus are jealous of the mere mortals who drink such liquid nectar. Fresh beer, the Pacific nearby, Santa Cruz itself: few things could be better.

If we lived in Santa Cruz, this is where we would hang out. We dropped by one evening and went upstairs, where the pourer was our kind of beer guy. Went back on a busy Saturday and our pourer was our kind of beer guy. Great beer. Win-win. 041b061a72


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