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as you can guess from the dashboard design, the smart brailler understands itself as a car. it knows whether you are driving, what gear youre in, and it will prompt you if you change your route or need to locate the gear shift.

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the app's design is very straightforward and logical, with big, easy to see buttons arranged in a logical sequence. for example, navigation prompts appear in what seems like a sensible order, starting with whether you want to navigate, followed by the route you wish to take. as with most modern smartphones, it can warn you of an accident ahead or suggest alternative routes that will get you there in a hurry.

theres no lack of support for the smart contract - you can answer yes or no to all questions asked by the smart brailler, and the app does not provide contact details for further assistance. you may have to scroll up to read the answers to questions and remember which yes or no button youve pressed.

however, you do get email and text alerts and warnings if youre getting close to a junction or if your vehicle is nearing its capacity for a certain fuel type. google also keeps a record of your driving so you can track your future travels, and you have the option of loading your account details, such as your insurance company, where you park your vehicle, and your mobile phone number.

using the smart brailler is easy enough and seems intuitive. but it can be confusing when trying to activate the braille service (pressing the braille button) or to adjust the volume (press the volume button and then press the down button to adjust the volume to five points for an audible volume and six points for a tactile volume). the easiest way to do it is to press the braille button quickly four times to change the braille code, then press the same button to change the volume.


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