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Buy Garden Fence

Welch Fencing are a family run garden fencing business based in Preston, Lancashire which supply a large range of garden fence panels, concrete fence posts and general fencing supplies and materials to the public, trade, industry and local authorities.

buy garden fence

All of our garden fences, fencing panels, fencing materials and supplies can be delivered nationwide. Please browse our website to view and purchase our wide range of garden fence panels, garden fencing, concrete posts, trellis and wooden gates, or contact us on 01772 336476.

Garden wire is a perfect way to create light support for plants, lights, and garden decorations. Choose sleek metal garden wire or PVC-coated wire for durability and weather-resistance. Whatever your garden needs, explore our wire mesh panels and fencing right here.

This garden picket fence is made of solid 11mm WPC blocks and each set can be linked with the other using the linking bolts provided. It can be self standing when linked as a rectangle and some other shapes. It can also be used indoors for christmas decor or even to provide boundary to indoor pots. When placing in garden soil, use the spikes provided with this fence and insert one end into the slot provided at the bottom of the picket fence and other sharp end into the soil. It is always good to link the Picket Fences first and then insert into loose soil along with the spikes. How to Install:For Soil Insert:Loosen the soil. Insert the spikes into the slots provided at the base of the pickets. Place the fence starting from right to left. Apply slight pressure on the fence so that it gets inserted steadily to the ground level. Next place the other fence to its left and repeat the process. Link the two fences by aligning pivot slots and inserting the nickel bolts and fasten them using the nuts provided.For Flat Surface: Link the fences by aligning pivot slots and inserting the nickel bolts and fasten them using the nuts provided. Once you form a chain of fences, it would be self standing when it is linked in L shape, V shape and other closed shapes.

Add a touch of elegance to your landscaping with this cast iron garden fence. Great for edging along a garden, sidewalk, or pathway, each section is easy to move and place. Sold individually. Spray a clear coating to resist rust. 10"w x 11"h.Iron garden fence is quick and easy to install. A quick and attractive way to edge and define flower beds, borders, and walkways. Simply push iron garden fence panels into the ground.

No matter if your garden ideas are within a small or big garden, there are a large variety of styles and materials, from wood for a classic traditional look, to metal for a modern and contemporary look.

'Unique fence designs can be created by the homeowner and not just the manufacturers,' says Leigh Barnes, expert at Jacksons Fencing (opens in new tab). 'Combining fence panels with either a trellis or fence panel topper is a great fence idea to personalise your fence line and make it your own. It also provides you with the combined benefits of different fence types. For example, using a privacy fence panel with a semi-solid trellis on top offers privacy but keeps light flowing into the garden.'

Instead of going for a standard fence, a pretty boundary can be created from a living wall for a natural fence of green foliage. This works especially well for your small garden ideas because it adds greenery and interest without taking up too much floor space. The living wall can be unique to your garden incorporating flowers such as Vinca minor (lesser periwinkle) and Saxifraga x urbium (London pride) which work well with vertical planting.

Long grasses will add depth to your living fence and climbing ivy will cover any gaps you may have for a full look. If you want an easy garden idea, pre-planted modular panels give you a fence in full bloom with little effort. Make sure to include a range of herbaceous perennials, grasses, herbs, seasonal flowers and scented plants. If you are struggling to know what to plant ask your local nursery for advice.

Art is something that is not limited to just within the house, a mural on your fence is a fun way of adding colour to your garden. Using your garden paint ideas to make a mural will lift a bland garden scheme and provide an interesting focal point. When painting a mural on your fence, choose bold colours which will enhance the nature in your garden, think pinks,redsd, oranges, blues and greens.

Before you start painting your work of art, give it a good clean and remove any flaking paint, moss or dust from the fence. With a wooden fence, certain areas may need to be sanded to give a nice smooth surface and any holes filled with wood filler. Protect your surrounding plants and grass by putting down an old cloth and prime a wooden fence with an acrylic base coat.

If you do string LED lights along your fence all year round, they need to be suitable for all kinds of weather. Make sure they have at least an IP44 rating so the lights are protected against light rainfall, if you expect heavier rainfall choose a higher IP44 rating.

For a budget garden idea that will not only provide a solid structure but will get you hands-on with your garden fence ideas, create your fence from pallets. Pallet ideas for the garden are an eco-friendly way to give old wood a new lease of life as a fence.

Wood pallets provide stable and resilient fencing material and can be picked up very cheaply or sometimes for free from local businesses. Using leftover pallets for your fence prevents them from ending up on a rubbish heap and adds a rustic twist to your garden.

A fence with shelving provides you with not only a boundary but somewhere for extra storage and decoration. Shelves can maximise your garden storage ideas by holding regularly used garden tools, or to place decorative potted plants.

Mixed hedgerows provide both a nesting cover and a diverse source of food for animals, bringing a mix of wildlife to your garden. If you are a beginner gardener creating a mixed hedge fence is easy to maintain and grow because it suits a wide range of soils and climates. Unlike a single variety hedge, a mixed hedge will give you a variety of colours, shades and shapes.

Think outside the box when it comes to your fencing and get creative. You don't have to use fence panels in the orientation they were necessarily intended, especially if it doesn't suit your space. Here, fence panels with vertical panels have been turned on their sides and joined together to create fencing that works better for the space. It also allows the home owner to hang potted plants and gardening tools from the horizontal slats, creating storage space too.

Garden fences are not only used along the boundaries of your space, but can also be used to zone different areas within your plot too. Bamboo screens are great for this as they are lightweight so you can install them yourself, plus have a malleable quality to them, making them great for all spaces. They can also be cut to the size you need, and any off-cuts make lovely flower bed borders.

Fresh green shades up against the black of your fence will make them stand out even more and gives a contemporary look that's easy to achieve. Finish the look by hanging a string of fairy lights along the top, which at night will create a cosy glow against your fencing.

If it's not an option to replace your fencing, perhaps you can try and disguise it a little instead. Creepers and climbing plants like ivy will happily grow up and over walls, fences, panelling and more, so while it's fine to plant it up where you want this to happen, be aware that ivy can spread quite quickly and cause some damage to walls over a long period of time.

Turn your garden fencing into the backdrop for a potting station. Instead of your garden ending with just a solid fence, break it a bit by setting up a potting bench and work station to enjoy all summer long. Fixing up a couple of shelves will give you space to display potted plants and garden accessories.

If you have chosen contemporary fencing that creates a feature in your garden, why not echo that feature to other areas too? Here the homeowner has made a bench with similar slim panels of wood as the fence behind, tying the whole space together. Thin, horizontal slats of wood are a modern, fresh look for fencing and whether painted or left bare, are perfect for courtyard gardens and turf-covered gardens alike.

Update an old fence with new season trends with a splash of paint, creating a feature wall within your garden. Within your garden paint ideas try creating an ombre effect by choosing several colours in the same paint family. This delicious earthy colour palette is a mix of 'Bleached Rose'; 'Sandbank'; 'Gingerbread' and 'Sharon Fruit' all by exterior paint specialists Sadolin (opens in new tab).

'Create a striking look for your fence in two tones,' advises Marianne Shillingford creative director at Cuprinol (opens in new tab) & Dulux (opens in new tab). 'Keep the darker colour at the bottom to show off brightly coloured furniture and to make floral arrangements pop. All it takes is a bit of masking tape to get a sharp line between the divide.'

Give an old brown wooden fence a splash of colour with a colourful trellis. Fences are perfect for attaching trellis for climbing plants too. A vibrant trellis is a cheap and easy way to give your fence an easy, yet practical facelift.

This beautiful low wall has so much character, it would be a shame to cover it up with full fence panels. Similarly, building it higher to give the owners more privacy would be costly and could make the space feel too institutional. This fence 'extension' has been carefully selected in a colour that complements the brickwork, and its horizontal slats have a contemporary feel to chime in with the landscaping's mix of traditional and modern.

If you don't want your garden fence stand out from the crowd with bold colours, make it blend in with a coat of green paint. A serene shade of green helps to make this garden fence camouflage into the foliage. You can add colour through other mediums, from a string of decorative bunting and jolly striped outdoor cushions. 041b061a72


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