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Silas Sanders
Silas Sanders

[KS] TS4.Conj Eco Kitchen VERIFIED

haha we have on tiny tiny stand alone pantry cupboard thing we bought that sticks out the end of the kitchen. Part of the reason that I need the fancy containers for the frontmost-face, is because behind the nice polished front, there be dragons. Stuff crammed in like crazy in 3-4 tiers held together with rubber bands, haha.

[KS] TS4.Conj Eco Kitchen


The one I knew (I worked for an embassy and sometimes dealt with the ambassador residence staff) had a really big kitchen and freezer etc. in the basement, and a regular sized family kitchen. No guests ever saw either kitchen. The chef lived in the attic, which must have been awkward because he had to go past the family quarters to enter and leave, and did all the shopping with the help of the maids, who helped him do meal prep as well. 041b061a72


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