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Buy Used Golf Balls Ebay

All golf balls have dimples to help them fly. They are not uniform, however. Balls will differ in size, dimple pattern, and even shape. These alterations affect the stability, rate of spin, and distance that you can hit. A completely smooth ball would only travel about half as far as a dimpled golf ball.

buy used golf balls ebay

The core of a golf ball is what drives compression. Higher compression golf balls are generally for more experienced golfers with faster swing speeds. If you are a beginner or your speed of swing is naturally slower, a lower compression ball can add distance to your shots.

There are two main types of golf ball covers: Balls covered with an ionomer resin are the most durable and offer a lower rate of spin when teeing off. Urethane-coated golf balls are common on the pro circuit. Pro players use them for an increase in control and a soft hit.

Two-piece golf balls are usually the best choice for high-handicap golfers because they tend to work well for those with slower swing speeds. The larger core maximizes distance while minimizing back- and side-spin and movement. Also, the cover is a bit thicker than in other styles of balls, which gives a two-piece ball more durability. If you find that your golf shots are too often leaving you with a sliced cover, or you occasionally knock a shot off a rock or tree, you'll appreciate the extra resilience a two-piece ball provides.

Multi-layer balls come in a three- or four-layer designs. They are constructed with a mantle layer of rubber windings around a smaller core and a thinner cover is that enhances control and feel. They are also called tour balls because pro players on the PGA Tour use them almost exclusively. Many mid-to-low handicap amateurs with faster swing speeds also favor a multi-layer tour golf balls.

Callaway makes a soft golf ball. It isn't often used during a game, as it is designed to be used by beginners. The company makes soft balls with a solid piece of Surlyn, and then dimples are molded into the exterior of the ball. Overall, the soft golf ball is designed to be durable and inexpensive. However, the softness of this ball typically will not go long distances when hit because it has a lower compression that typical golf balls.

Golfers believe a soft golf ball spins less than firmer golf balls. What this means is a soft-feel golf ball will travel longer and straighter than a firmer golf ball. It also means there will be less back and sideward spin. However, golfers also usually have less control over this type of ball.

Callaway Chrome soft-feel golf balls are designed to help promote longer distances and more control on the green. Callaway balls have a four-piece construction that is designed specifically for performance purposes. The Dual SoftFast Core is also intended to improve speeds and spin rates in order to maximize performance.

Traditionally, most balls are white. However, Callaway also offers this product in neon green, yellow, and orange. Balls can be purchased in white, green, yellow, or orange, or as a variety pack. Additionally, for the month of October, Callaway offers pink golf balls in order to support breast cancer awareness.

You have 114 listings of golf balls only, new and used,and you are selling some, but not as much as before. Golfers are declining. The baby boomers who were the largest group of golfers are slowing down, dying off, and going into nursing homes. Check the internet for the articles about that.

You sell groups of golf balls in various lots 12,24,100. Looking at your sales I see that the 12 lots are your biggest sellers. Who is buying 100 golf balls at a time? I don't think it's individuals. I bought a large lot of used golf balls once and had a hard time storing them. Maybe driving ranges are buying your larger lots?

I'm on the golf course, someone asks where I got my golfballs, I got them at Johnnyveee's on Ebay. A catchy, easy to remember phrase. You have a brand already. Ad a store with some nice graphics and you become memorable.

So in short, If I were you, I would diversify, either with new things (clothes,shoes,etc.) or more diverse golf items. You WILL sell more and it will help your confidence. Think outside the box. For example, how could you sell golf balls to kids? Every one of your customers probably would like to get their children into golf. What if you sold pastel colored golf balls or balls with kid stickers on them? Extra 10 pack sales? Just a thought.

I truly appreciate your advice. You make some great points and I am sure I will use some of them. Not probably going to be expanding my diversification of my listings. I have always mostly had golf balls. I want to just stick with that. It would be great to expand my business, but that is not necessarily the goal here.

- I do not feel that you are alone being a small seller with a limited product line but you need a dose of reality (once the hangover ends) that EBAY has changed. They have changed the rules on you and getting placement for your golf ball has become more competitive. Others willing to sell for less, others who promote, others with stronger metrics are getting a page view bump over you. In return I expect that you are getting less views and that translates into less sales. As your first beer stated your best selling item is your larger lots (used balls), there are thousands of large lots available and I am afraid that your postings are not getting the same visibility as before (pre 2017).

The changes to the market place have most likely not treated you well and Ebay has put products in place for others to grab your slice of the pie and in doing so profit more from them. A good example is your new listing for 100 used Top Flight golf balls. When I search 100 golf balls the search result had you near the bottom of the pack out of 109 listings. You did not appear to get much of a bump for being a new listing considering you fell in the bottom 10% of my search.

I've had many no. 1 listings over the years. You can get alot more views by changing one word in your listings. Change the word group to "Lot". The phrase "used golf balls lot 100" only has 108 postings. That phrase is one of the options at the top of the page. Use the word Lot 100 or how many your lot is in your Item Specifics. You can easily get on the first page. With 170 listings you only need a basic store. Leave your quantity alone it doesn't count as a listing. I've been using GTC since I started. One of my listings has been going for over two years and it is still No 1 or No 2. Good luck no need to quit yet. Oh yeah stop posting with all caps, it is against Ebay rules and make s you look desperate. I personally pass those listings right up.

If you are new to the game of golf and have no professional golf tour aspirations, youre probably trying to focus on striking the ball well and having it fly straight. A high-spin ball will exaggerate deficiencies in your swing causing your shot to hook or fade sharply. Two-piece, low-spin, golf balls will be better suited to a high-handicapper's game.

It might not be quite as effective as diving, but wading in the water can still net you a good haul of lost golf balls. Grab a pair of fishing pants, some tall and thick rubber boots, some rubber gloves, and a mesh bag, and wade your way into the water for some good old-fashioned golf ball retrieval.

The easiest and most effective way to clean golf balls is to fill a bucket or sink with warm, soapy water (regular dish soap will work just fine), and soak your golf balls in the mixture for a few minutes. Then, using a soft towel or cloth, wipe them clean, removing as much mud as you can. If there are some more stubborn patches of mud, you could use an old toothbrush to scrub them off.

The problem when you buy used golf balls from your local golf course or driving range, is you often get a jumbled mix of brands. Golf is one of those games where if you find a brand you like, you tend to stick to it. So, if you want a particular brand of golf balls, eBay has plenty of sets covering all the best brands, including:

There are often discounts available from the big specialist stores and, of course, Amazon, but a dozen tour quality balls can nevertheless easily set you back the best part of $50. Losing a few of these per round, as you easily may, can be a significant add-on to the cost of your weekly golf outing.

Many Used Ball Retailers Have Developed Their Own Grading Scales. Modern ball coverings make cuts in the skin far less common than they used to be, and no reputable supplier should offer such damaged balls for sale anyway.

But a variety of less obvious surface defects commonly appear even on balls which have been used for a single round, or less, and these variations in quality are described in various ways by different retailers.

Doubts about the performance of used balls may perhaps be particularly pronounced when it comes to the driver, if only because increased distance off the tee is one of the key claims which manufacturers tend to stress in marketing their latest technological innovations.

A common problem is that balls of this mint or top grade are often not much cheaper than the brand new version, particularly when you take into account the frequent discounting of new golf merchandize which now occurs throughout the year.

If you're a typical golfer, you have accumulated more used golf balls than you need. You can clean out your garage and make some extra money by finding a place to sell those balls. If you take the time to clean the balls and separate them by brand, type and quality, you can ask for a higher price on eBay or at flea markets. If you don't want to invest that much time, you can sell your golf balls in bulk, but your per-ball price will be lower. 041b061a72


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