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Silas Sanders
Silas Sanders

How Vray Toys Plugin Sketchup Can Help You Create Photorealistic Scenes and Animations with Sketchup

use the full v-ray rendering engine in sketchup and get the best results ever. this book has been designed to progressively introduce you to all the v-ray tools you will need to produce photographic renders using v-ray.

Vray toys plugin sketchup download


every sketch up user wants to present their designs in the best possible light. what better way to bring them to life than to present them in a genuinely photographic manner although the v-ray render engine has been available to sketchup users for a good number of years now, the release of the 2.0 version takes the production of photographic renders in sketchup to a whole new level.

from here you will set the vray toy type, change the color of the vray toy, change the opacity, change the cameras position, and set the vray toys visibility for sketchup (visibility can be set in the in-sketchup under the 3d properties area. the vray toy will only be visible in sketchup when the visibility is set to view.)

you can also use the new vraytoypreviewer to view the vray toy in sketchup. you can enable this feature in the preferences window or as part of the vray toy settings dialog. the vray toy previewer is located in the tools area.

if you want to get your 3d software to do more than just render, then this book will guide you to make the most of it, getting sketchup studio up and running for use as a photo studio for every day photography. with numerous sample projects in the book, you will quickly be up and running. and the solutions are provided in the form of sketchup projects, which are based on real world 3d projects for your inspiration and feedback.


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