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Building Construction By Arora And Gupta Free Download Hit 18l

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The construction at Ellora has been studied since British colonial rule. However, the overlapping styles between the Buddhist, Hindu and Jain caves has made it difficult to establish agreement concerning the chronology of their construction.[14] The disputes generally concern: one, whether the Buddhist or Hindu caves were carved first and, two, the relative dating of caves within a particular tradition. The broad consensus that has emerged is based on comparing the carving styles at Ellora to other cave temples in the Deccan region that have been dated, textual records of various dynasties, and epigraphical evidence found at various archaeological sites near Ellora and elsewhere in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka.[15][16] Geri Hockfield Malandra and other scholars[who?] have stated that the Ellora caves had three important building periods: an early Hindu period (550 to 600 CE), a Buddhist phase (600 to 730 CE) and a later Hindu and Jain phase (730 to 950 CE).[15][17][18]


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