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ea's mod policy also fails to consider the fact that mods are a powerful tool for sharing content. i recently re-bought the original sims 2 because i was frustrated with the fact that a lot of the content i'd bought on gamestop wasn't available in any way to me when i bought the game (and in fact it wasn't available for another year, well after the initial release date of the game). i'd already made a lot of progress with mods in the original sims 2, so it made sense for me to just buy the game a second time.

ea's mod policy doesn't seem to be about protecting or supporting the modding community as a whole. it seems more like a way for ea to raise money off of the modding community. that's a pretty bold policy and one that i hope doesn't survive in the long term, but if it does, it'll be interesting to see what the future holds for modding in the sims franchise.

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